The CCT program currently offers two exciting study abroad options--in Geneva, Switzerland and in Doha, Qatar--for students wishing to combine travel and unique and rigorous academic studies during the summer months.

Multilateral Governance and the Global Information Economy, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a two-week program offering a substantive overview of international organizations and the issues they seek to address. Students will learn from academics and practitioners about issues of security, migration, climate change, and trade, which will feature a CCT focus on issues of global trade in digital goods and services. Students will also explore emerging mechanisms for multilateral governance, including financial inclusion at the micro-level, public-private partnerships, and civil society initiatives. Outside of the classroom, students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and negotiation simulations, and to visit notable international organizations based in Geneva, the historic seat of humanitarianism and global governance. Upon completing this intensive program, students will gain a deeper understanding of the founding and functioning of international institutions, current international affairs, and the intricate considerations and challenges of policy-making and governance in the global arena.

Media, Technology, and Digital Culture in the Middle East focuses on the relationship between media and communication technologies and culture, society, and politics in the contemporary Arab world. The two-week program, based in Doha, Qatar, is hosted by Georgetown University’s state-of-the-art Qatar campus. The Institute provides first-hand perspective on emergent media and communication trends, technology-driven innovations, and digital experiments in the Middle East region. Drawing upon regional and technical expertise, the Institute helps students reflect on the relation between information technologies and processes of globalization. Lectures and guest lectures by leading experts and workshops by seasoned practitioners are enriched by site visits to globally recognized Doha-based organizations, including Al Jazeera, the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI). 

Doha skyline