CCT’s 20th Anniversary, Feb 24-25, 2017

CCT is turning 20! Our first cohort started classes in Fall 1996 and we were in the Car Barn even then. We’re planning an Anniversary Weekend on Friday Feb 24 and Saturday Feb 25, 2017

CCTers past and present, now is the time to plug into this generous community (new window) like never before. Here’s what’s on tap:  

  • CCT Makers Exhibition. We want to know what you’ve created – app? book? film? robot? advocacy group? media company? Get a display space at the Exhibition. Let’s see the whole jaw-dropping range of CCT creativity in one place.

  • Mentor Sessions. Some of us want to break into new careers and others have the expertise to guide newbies and/or wish to find bright-eyed collaborators. Here’s an opportunity to meet face-to-face.

  • “20 years of CCT” presentations. This will be a series of 10-minute presentations on CCT issues of today and what’s changed since 1996. Got an idea for a presentation? These don’t all have to be serious journal-worthy topics. This is CCT. We love range.

  • Anniversary Program Book. How about a 20-year yearbook for the occasion? Want some control over what goes into this book so that it’s “so CCT”? 

  • Sponsorship and promotion. Want to tell CCTers about your company? Let me rephrase that. Want to bring your business to the attention of smart creative people who already think of you as family? 

  • Swag bag. Every self-respecting party needs a swag bag! Promote your company by donating party favors. Or the bag itself.

  • Happy Hour, Saturday lunch and Anniversary Dinner. Of course there’ll be food/mingling-and-catch-up time.

  • Arts and Entertainment. Do you have a band/play/performance that would be in the DC-area that weekend or the days around it? Make room for CCT attendees because we’ll publicize your event.

  • CCTer video clips. What makes something “so CCT?” Say it in a short (2-3 minute) video and we’ll feature it on our website and at the Anniversary. CCT is best described by a diversity of voices and viewpoints. Contribute yours!

  • CCT Scholarship Fund. In lieu of birthday gifts, let’s channel our generosity towards the next generation of CCTers. We have launched a CCT Scholarship Fund (new window) where all tax-deductible donations will go towards off-setting tuition expenses for the bright minds of future classes. Join us in supporting more great CCTers!

So how about it? Want to be a part of the Best Thing in 2017? Fill out this form no later than August 31 (new window). Questions/comments? Email Ai-Hui.