Internships, Independent Study, Study Abroad

Besides classes, CCT students may explore additional ways to earn credits toward their degree.


If the internship meets CCT Learning Goals, the student may earn academic credit by taking the course, CCTP-533: CCT Internship. Policies and procedures are in the Student Handbook. Students should consult with the Director of Academic Programs.

Independent Study

Students may consider doing an independent study if they have a specific research need that cannot be fulfilled in a regularly scheduled course. Once they have found a professor to supervise the project, students make a formal request to the Director of Academic Programs. See Student Handbook for detailed instructions.

Study Abroad

CCT offers two options for students wishing to combine travel and rigorous academic studies during the summer months.

Multilateral Governance and the Global Information Economy - Geneva, Switzerland

This two-week program offers a substantive overview of international organizations and the issues they seek to address. Students learn from scholars and practitioners about issues of security, migration, climate change and trade. They also explore emerging mechanisms for multilateral governance, including financial inclusion at the micro-level, public-private partnerships and civil society initiatives.

The program is hosted by our partner institution, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. Information about the next opportunity to study abroad in Geneva will announced to students during the academic year.

Media, Technology, and Digital Culture in the Middle East – Doha, Qatar

This two-week program focuses on the relationship between media and communication technologies and culture, society and politics in the contemporary Arab world. It provides a first-hand perspective on emergent media and communication trends, technology-driven innovations and digital experiments in the Middle East region. Site visits are organized to Doha-based organizations such as Al Jazeera, the Museum of Islamic Art and the Qatar Computing Research Institute.

The program is hosted by Georgetown University’s Qatar campus in Doha. Information about the next opportunity to study abroad in Doha will announced to students during the academic year.