Kristi Pelzel, CCT 2020

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Academy of Art University, Communications and Digital Technologies

Area of focus in CCT: International Affairs, Journalism, and Data Storytelling

What did you do before CCT?  Prior to CCT, I worked as an independent contractor and freelancer In digital and broadcast media. The organizations I worked for spanned government agencies, private industry, and non-profits and included travel all over the world. I produced content, edited, and managed social campaigns. 

What activities did you participate in during CCT? While at CCT I held the role of Multimedia Fellow, Director of Alumni Relations for the Georgetown University Graduate Government Student Body, was selected as a 2019 Pat Tillman Scholar, and won first place in the 2020 Georgetown University Public Policy Competition. I was also a United Nations Graduate Fellow, a program that CCT supported as part of my development. 

Why did you choose CCT? I wanted a flexible program that would allow me to design my way forward according to what my unique needs were as a working student. I was accepted into three programs, and, of those choices, CCT came out on top. 

What surprised you about CCT?   The diversity of the CCT student population across disciplines, ages, gender, and nationality was great! I met people from all over the world who educated me on things that I didn’t know would be relevant to my career, and those experiences widened the lens by which I see myself and where my career can go. 

What are you doing now?  I am working for Today News Africa, Washington DC, a US-Africa news media organization, as the Director of Communications and a Senior Correspondent and Reporter. I am a Member of the White House Correspondent Association, the Foreign Press at United States Department of State, the National Press Club, and a United Nations Resident Correspondent, all affiliations I use to develop stories, recruit, and build media programs.