Car Barn Labs

The Car Barn Labs are a series of technical workshops organized and taught by CCT students, for CCT students.  

The program operates with three main goals:

  • In the Car Barn Labs, students are teachers and teachers are students. Our workshops are led by student instructors with some degree of expertise in a given technology, but ultimately it is a collaborative learning effort.
  • Lab projects belong on your fridge and in your portfolio. Whatever the workshop, at the end we want you to be able to take something home to show to your friends, family, and potential employers.
  • The Car Barn Labs are for techie and non-techie alike. Each workshop is designed to open doors for someone who has never even heard of a given technology, and to provide a fun social setting for experts to explore and develop a new project.

Topics so-far have included: Gif Making, Photography, 3D Printing, InDesign, and Public Speaking.

Check out the Car Barn Labs website for more information, galleries, and workshop syllabi.