Media Fest

Georgetown Media Fest is an event that was began in the CCT program as a way to engage the Georgetown creative community in a collaborative, multidisciplinary space. 

The Media Fest mission is:

  • To create a forum for Georgetown students to display and present their artistic work (music, art, film, performance).
  • To design an event with a playful, festive atmosphere, rather than a strictly academic event.
  •  To incorporate aspects of design thinking and reflective pedagogy into the submission, curation and creative process leading up to the event. 
  • To engage the larger Georgetown audience, creating an opportunity for students to exhibit their work outside of their peers, faculty, or department. 
  • To expose members of the Georgetown and DC community to thought-provoking and innovative forms of art and new media.

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2015 Georgetown Media Fest by CCT alumni David Shen.