Sacha Qasim

Academic Background: University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Political Science

Area of focus in CCT:  Internet Privacy, Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence, & Ethics in Tech

What did you do before CCT? I came to CCT, immediately following my undergrad experience at UNC Charlotte. There I wrote two capstones related to the themes in our CCT program. The first was focused on privacy issues in Smart Cities, while in the second, I looked at Autonomous Vehicles and the Trolley Problem through the lens of Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill’s moral theories.

What activities do you participate in? Currently, I am the President of FAST (Foreign Affairs Science & Technology), a graduate school organization that focuses on the intersection of technology and diplomacy of the 21st century. I am also the Director of Web & Technology for GradGov.

Why did you choose CCT?  I chose CCT for having professors readily available for discussion in challenging subject areas which leveraged my research interests in technology, policy, and ethics. Mainly I was interested in the research Dr. Mark MacCarthy and Dr. Meg Jones were doing in terms of privacy and automation in digital information.

What surprised you about CCT?  I was most surprised by its unique interdisciplinary program that amalgamates students together from diverse backgrounds. Everyone is incredibly curious and has different interests from one another and you are constantly learning from your peers. The CCT lounge also has the comfiest couch and snacks for students which acted as a haven for me between classes/meetings.