CCT'S Spring 2017 Open House

Want to know what it’s like to be a CCT student? At the Spring 2017 Open House, students and faculty participated in Q&A sessions to help explain why this unique program works so well for people from diverse academic backgrounds looking to expand their ability to think creatively about technology and society. Scroll down for these videos.

If you are preparing to start the CCT program this Fall, here are some links you might find helpful:


Building Your Own Curriculum. This illustrates how CCTers make up the required 39 credits.
Fall 2017 courses. Please note that incoming students will only be able to register in late June.


Georgetown’s Off-Campus Housing Services site contains apartment listings, Neighborhoods to Consider, and other helpful Resources. Look out for their Housing Fair on Friday June 9.

Financial Information:

Cost of Attendance, updated for 2017-2018.
Federal Financial Aid information for Full-time and Part-time students
FAQs about Billing and Payments
Financial Resources for International Students

Q&A with CCT Students Part 1

Q&A with CCT Students Part 2

Because of rain, the planned campus tour was cancelled and we decided to continue the Q&A. Part 3 begins with a discussion about DC neighborhoods and commuting to Georgetown.

Q&A with CCT Students Part 3

Q&A with CCT Faculty Part 1

Faculty: David Lightfoot, Garrison LeMasters, Jeanine Turner, Michael Macovski, J.R. Osborn.

Moderator: Sarah Twose, Director of Academic Programs

Q&A with CCT Faculty Part 2

Q&A with CCT Faculty Part 3

Want to know more about CCT? Check out the Prospective Students section.

If you have any questions about applying to the program, please contact Ai-Hui Tan, Director of Admissions and Communications.