Zach OmerAcademic Background: University of Missouri; Bachelor's of Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications

Area of focus in CCT: Media Ecology, Education, Digital Communications, Media Production

What did you do before CCT? I graduated in from MU in 2015, and spent two years as an AmeriCorps service member near Portland, Oregon, working at Forest Grove High School as a full-time tutor, coach, and after-school program coordinator.

What activities do you participate in at CCT? I'm the Director of Blog & Web Services for gnovis, CCT's student-run academic journal. I'm also involved in the Apprenticeship in Teaching program with CNDLS, and pursuing a graduate certificate in Journalism and Digital Media. In Fall 2018, I'll be a TA for the mandatory course, Introduction to CCT: Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods. I also play for the CCT intramural volleyball and basketball teams, and volunteered at the CCT graduation last year as a balloon blower, interior designer, and master of mimosas!

Why did you choose CCT? I chose CCT because of its versatility. As a prospective student, I had a very niche interest in media ecology, which can be difficult to find in many graduate programs. CCT gave me the option to pursue that interest while also cultivating my other skills and passions, such as teaching, journalism, and media production, and to draw connections between those fields. Also, the location of the school was a big factor: there are so many important people, programs, and events happening all the time in Washington D.C., and CCT (and/or Georgetown University) offers exclusive access to almost all of them. 

What surprised you about CCT? The diversity has been the most surprising aspect of CCT. It's more than just a diversity of backgrounds and nationalities, it's a wonderful diversity of interests. There are journalists, computer programmers, musicians, video game designers, experts in business, fashion, law, artificial intelligence, and much more, all working and learning together in the same program. It's a special group of people.