Headshot of Remel HoskinsAcademic Background: The University of Illinois at Springfield, Communications

Area of focus in CCT: Graphic Design Theory, Media Representation Studies with an emphasis in Portrayals of African American Women

What did you do before CCT? I graduated from UIS Spring 2017 and came straight to Georgetown in the fall. However, I have done graphic design in several different capacities for three years.

What activities do you participate in at CCT? I am the Assistant Director of Multimedia at gnovis Journal. I also represent CCT as a general member of Graduate Student Government (GradGov). Outside of CCT, I work for the School of Foreign Service Graduate Career Center as a Student Media Assistant.

Why did you choose CCT? I knew I wanted to explore Communication more rigorously, and I knew I wanted a Master's degree. In undergrad, I focused a lot on graphic arts and marketing, but I also wanted to study communication in a way that supported causes and issues that interested me. CCT embodied everything that I aspired to explore after my undergraduate degree. I knew I could thrive in this program by studying Communication Theory as well as learning more about graphic design. 

What surprised you about CCT? I expected that by attending Georgetown, I would automatically be in a high functioning and competitive environment. I came to this expectation by hearing rumors - all of which I found to be untrue. CCT is not a super competitive environment. It’s interdisciplinary; everyone is pursuing something different and very tailored to their own specific interest. Because of this, I think CCT serves as a collaborative environment where instead of competing with one another, we network and help each other to reach academic goals.