Zihan Xiao

Portrait of Zihan XiaoAcademic Background: Fudan University School of Journalism, Advertising with an emphasis on marketing and social media.

Area of focus in CCT: Social Networks, Data Analysis, Technology and Society.

What did you do before CCT? I came straight to CCT after graduating from Fudan University. While I was an undergraduate, I spent one semester in the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University as an exchange student with full scholarship, and I interned at several companies including Ogilvy (account executive), Huawei (account manager), Deloitte (assistant consultant), and Fosun Group (strategic investment analyst).

What activities do you participate in? I’m the operations coordinator of the Maker Hub.

Why did you choose CCT? The interdisciplinary environment here at CCT aroused my interest. I always wanted to apply quantitative analysis to my social science research. CCT gave me the option to cultivate my analytical skills by providing a lot of practical research methods courses, such as Content Analysis and Survey Research Methods.

What surprised you about CCT? The diversity at CCT, in terms of the cultural and academic backgrounds of students, and the wide range of courses on data analysis, communication, arts, political science, among others. Whether you want to do social science research or become a technical person, you can find everything you need here.