Core Faculty

Portrait of Evan Barba

Evan Barba
Associate Professor

  • Information & Communications Technologies
  • Systemic Design & Computing
Portrait of Bode

Leticia Bode
Associate Professor

  • Political Communication & Political Behavior
  • Media & Politics
  • Social Media
Portrait of Martin Irvine

Martin Irvine
Founding Director & Associate Professor 

  • Semiotics
  • Media Theory
Portrait of Meg Leta Jones

Meg Leta Jones
Associate Professor

  • Information & Communication Technology Law
  • Privacy, Data Protection & Automation
Portrait of Michael Koliska

Michael Koliska
Assistant Professor

  • "Traditional" and Computational Journalism
  • Technology and the Newsroom
Portrait of David Lightfoot

David Lightfoot

  • Cognitive Science
  • Linguistics
Portrait of Michael Macovski

Michael Macovski
Associate Professor

  • Cultural Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Literature 
Portrait of J.R. Osborn

J.R. Osborn
Associate Professor

  • Media Theory
  • Semiotics
  • Design
Portrait of Diana Owen

Diana Owen

  • Media & Politics
  • Statistics
Portrait of Matthew Tinkcom

Matthew Tinkcom
Associate Professor & Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

  • Queer Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Critical Theory
Portrait of Jeanine Turner

Jeanine Turner
Associate Professor

  • Business Communications
  • Health Communications

Adjunct Faculty

Portrait of Denise Bedford

Denise Bedford

  • Knowledge Management & Data Sciences
  • Organizational Management
Portrait of Jon Decker

Jon Decker

  • Political News Journalism

  • Strategic Communication

Portrait of Nicole Fernandez

Nicole Fernandez

  • Social Network Analysis
  • Statistics
Portrait of Leslie Harris

Leslie Harris

  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet Law & Policy
Portrait of Shanthi Kalathil

Shanthi Kalathil

  • Technology & International Affairs
  • International Relations
Portrait of Mark MacCarthy

Mark MacCarthy

  • Information Privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Philosophy
Portrait of Robert Matthews

Robert Matthews

  • Corporate Communications
  • Crisis Communications
Portrait of Karine Megerdoomian

Karine Megerdoomian

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Machine Translation & Linguistics
Portrait of Stephen Minnig

Stephen Minnig

  • Operations Research
  • Product Development
Portrait of Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson

  • Technology Policy
  • Communications Strategy & Analytics
Portrait of Matthew Shruers

Matthew Shruers

  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Internet Law
Portrait of Don Undeen

Don Undeen

  • Digital Fabrication
  • Makerspaces and Maker Culture
  • Innovation Strategy
Portrait of Irene Wu

Irene Wu

  • ICT Policy
  • Global Politics
Portrait of Amy Zalman

Amy Zalman

  • Organizational Management
  • Strategic Foresight Methods

Affiliate Faculty

Portrait of Randall Bass

Randall Bass
Professor & Vice Provost for Education

  • Education Studies
Portrait of Edward Maloney

Edward Maloney
Professor & Executive Director, CNDLS

  • Education Studies
  • Literature
Portrait of Fathali Moghaddam

Fathali Moghaddam
Professor & Director, Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science

  • Cultural Theory
  • Cognitive Science
Portrait of Mohamed Zayani

Mohamed Zayani
Associate Professor at GU-Qatar

  • Critical Theory
  • Media & Politics
Portrait of Yianna Vovides

Yianna Vovides
Professor of the Practice, CNDLS

  • Digital Education
  • UX Design