Student Profiles

Wondering what it’s like to study at CCT? The CCTers featured here have volunteered to be a resource for incoming and prospective students. If you are interested in connecting with them, please email CCT Admissions.

Current Student Profiles

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Francesca Goerg

CCT Focus: Tech & Communications Policy

Academic Background: BA in Political Science and minor in English

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Jessica Miller

CCT Focus: Cultural Studies and Digital Communications

Academic Background: BA in History and Secondary Education Social Studies

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Salomón Flamenco

CCT Focus: Diasporic identity formation in culture and media

Academic Background: BA in Political Science with a focus on comparative politics

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Dhriti Gupta

CCT Focus: Tech policy, information studies, public interest technology

Academic Background: BA in Political Science and minor in psychology

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Mac Milin Kiran

CCT Focus: Tech Law & Policy, Political Communications, Diplomatic Studies

Academic Background: BEng in Computer Science, with a minor in Public Policy & Global Affairs

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James Doyle

CCT Focus: Intersection of technology, culture, and policy

Academic Background: BS in Computer Engineering with a minor in art history

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Paola García Acuña

CCT Focus: Technology for immersive experiences and interaction with art

Academic Background: BA in Visual Arts

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Arjun Chawla

CCT Focus: Technology Policy and Data Governance

Academic Background: BA in Communication

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Danel Akhmetova

CCT Focus: Big Data, Policy, Innovation

Academic Background: BA in History with a focus on Science and Technology Studies

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Randy Cantz

CCT Focus: Privacy Law, Tech Policy, and Internet Governance

Academic Background: BA in History with a minor in Public Policy

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Elizabeth Miller

CCT Focus: Digital safety, digital governance, user experience design

Academic Background: BA in Communication (Public Relations)

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Jahnavi Mukul

CCT Focus: Cybersecurity, Global Cyber Policy, Policy Communications

Academic Background: BA in Political Science and International Relations

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Youngjoo (Catherine) Roh

CCT Focus: Media studies, cultural studies, online communities

Academic Background: BS in Media, Culture, and Communication

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Kelsey Paul

CCT Focus: Journalism, Censorship, Misinformation and Disinformation

Academic Background: BA in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Literature

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Parisa Bruce

CCT Focus: Communication, DEI, ESG, and CSR

Academic Background: BA in Communication and Women’s Studies

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Yilin Huang

CCT Focus: Digital Marketing, CSR, Digital Design & Digital Manufacturing, Game Design

Academic Background: Bachelor of Management

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Aakansha Chacko

CCT Focus: Education technology and user experience design

Academic Background: BFA in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Communications

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Maria Fernanda Chanduvi

CCT Focus: Corporate/Political communications

Academic Background: BA in Law and JD

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Kashaf Rashid

CCT Focus: Media Representations of Minorities, Journalism, Culture

Academic Background: BA in Communication with a Journalism concentration & Spanish minor

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Onrei Josh Ladao

CCT Focus: Digital Storytelling

Academic Background: Major in Art, Sociology and Minor in Film and Media Studies

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Benedetta Burston

CCT Focus: Crisis Communications and Cyber Governance

Academic Background: Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication

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Erica Sun

CCT Focus: New Media, Culture Industries, Race/Ethnic Studies

Academic Background: BA in English with a minor in Statistics

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Erinn Heffes

CCT Focus: Cultural Studies & Communication, Communication in the non-profit space and the role of culture & technology as it relates to the arts

Academic Background: BA in International Studies with a specialization in Management

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Anika Maney

CCT Focus: Science Communication and the Rhetoric of Science

Academic Background: Communication Studies with minors in Science and Risk Communication and Theatre Arts

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Joyce Zhao

CCT Focus: History of technology, STS, tech industry and tech labor

Academic Background: BA in Computer Science and Math from Wellesley College

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Yixiao (Joy) Song

CCT Focus: Health Communication & Digital Media Analysis

Academic Background: Public Relation & Advertising and Minor in Social Media Trend Analysis

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Merielle Agorilla

CCT Focus: I am interested in the dynamics of workplace culture and technology, fandoms and material culture, lived experiences of belonging for international students and the elderly

Academic Background: AB Psychology, MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology -both from the Ateneo de Manila University (The Philippines)

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Khadija Mian

CCT Focus: Digital divide, Accessibility

Academic Background: BA in Psychology and International Relations

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Karsyn Lemmons

CCT Focus: Intercultural Communications with a focus on non-profits and social impact organizations

Academic Background: Bachelor of Journalism / minor in History

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Archit Mehta

CCT Focus: Critical Discourse Analysis, Tech Policy, Content Analysis, Human Rights

Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism

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Siobhan Cooney

CCT Focus: Storytelling in entertainment, cultural arts, and publishing. Plus journalism and multimedia content production

Academic Background: BA in English & Communication Studies

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Lou Jacquin

CCT Focus: Equitable and accessible tech with a focus on queerness and video games

Academic Background: BA in Justice and Peace Studies with minors in Computer Science and Education

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