Student Profiles

Wondering what it’s like to study at CCT? The CCTers featured here have volunteered to be a resource for incoming and prospective students. If you are interested in connecting with them, please email Ai-Hui Tan.

Current Student Profiles

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Grant Lattanzi

CCT Focus: Social implications of media and communication technologies; UX design & research
Academic Background: BFA in theater, emphasis in acting, with a minor in sociology

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Ladin Bacakoglu

CCT Focus: Communication, human rights, and non-profits
Academic Background: BA in Political Science, International Relations, and German Language & Literature

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Alexandra Wieczorek

CCT Focus: Communication Theory & Cultural Studies
Academic Background: BA in Communication Studies & Political Science

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Nicholas Budler

CCT Focus: Digital communications, emerging technology, and the digitalization of life
Academic Background: BA in Philosophy; minors in Economics and German

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Grant Chinn

CCT Focus: Critical Design and Technology Studies
Academic Background: BS in Human-Computer Interaction

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Rohan Somji

CCT Focus: User Experience Research & Design

Academic Background: BS in Physics and Mathematics, MA in Philosophy

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Mary Margaret Herring

CCT Focus: User Experience/User Interface Research and Design, Research Methods

Academic Background: BA in Philosophy & Communication

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Suzanne Nuyen

CCT Focus: Cultural Studies, Authenticity and Influencer Marketing

Academic Background: BA in Journalism and Psychology, Minors in French and Asian Pacific American Studies

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Danae Theocharaki

CCT Focus: Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, UX

Academic Background: BA in Anthropology and Digital Studies

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Nicholas Garbaty

CCT Focus: Journalism, accountability and societal influence of new media

Academic Background: BS in Journalism and International Studies

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Victoria Gomes-Boronat

CCT Focus: Building relationships and communities using technology

Academic Background: Psychology and Broadcast Journalism

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Rutvi Zamre

CCT Focus: New media, politics, and culture

Academic Background: BA in English with a minor in History

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Hao Shen

CCT Focus: Design, Museum and Digital Media, Machine Learning

Academic Background: BA in Broadcasting and TV Production

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Meera Kolluri

CCT Focus: Surveillance Studies, Digital Politics, and Data Justice

Academic Background: BA in Legal Studies and Politics

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Victoria Mangio

CCT Focus: Misinformation, Disinformation, Security Studies

Academic Background: BA in Advertising and Minor in Design

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Erin Moroney

CCT Focus: Trust and public opinion of news; sociology of media

Academic Background: BA in Biology & Minor in Film & Media studies

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Livia de Queiroz Brito

CCT Focus: Digital politics, journalism and democracy

Academic Background: BA in Political Science

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Andrew Peacock

CCT Focus: Political communications, bio-power, and truth studies

Academic Background: BA in English language/literature, with a concentration in History

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Jillian Drummond

CCT Focus: Mental Health Tech, Disinformation & Society, Algorithmic Bias, Design Justice

Academic Background: BA in English Literature and MSW – Master’s in Social Work

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Brooke Merwin

CCT Focus: Research Methods in Communication

Academic Background: BA in Sociocultural Anthropology

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Anthony F. Raisley

CCT Focus: Increasing Civic Engagement, Elections, Government Relations, Technology Policy, New Media

Academic Background: BA United States History, with minors in New Media, International Studies, & Entrepreneurship

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Stefanie Chae

CCT Focus: Film and media studies, sociology of media practices

Academic Background: BA Communication & Digital Studies

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Diya Wu

CCT Focus: Interactive Design, UX/UI Design, Game Design

Academic Background: BA in Sociology

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Zuriel Robledo

CCT Focus: Digital marketing and international business

Academic Background: Psychology and Business Administration

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Jessica Miller

CCT Focus: Cultural Studies and Digital Communications

Academic Background: BA in History and Secondary Education Social Studies

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Megan Hearst

CCT Focus: Media Accountability, Misinformation/Disinformation, Internet Policy

Academic Background: BA in Film & Media and English

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