Student Profiles

Wondering what it’s like to study at CCT? The CCTers featured here have volunteered to be a resource for incoming and prospective students. If you are interested in connecting with them,¬†please email¬†Ai-Hui Tan.

Current Student Profiles

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Abigail Major

CCT Focus: Communications, Public Relations, Digital Media and Strategy
Academic Background: Gettysburg College, History and Classics

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Nate Garlick

CCT Focus: Communication for Cultural and Audience Engagement.
Academic Background: Digital Film Production

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Michael Willson

CCT Focus: Film and Cultural Studies
Academic Background: Communication and Political Science

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Nick Genovese

CCT Focus: Digital and Social Media, Sports Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
Academic Background: Boston College, Theology and Film Studies

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Grant Chinn

CCT Focus: Critical Design and Technology Studies
Academic Background: UC San Diego, Human-Computer Interaction

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Chelsea Sanchez

CCT Focus: Digital Communications, Digital Tools in the Education Space
Academic Background: Sarah Lawrence College, Public Policy and Sociology

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Anna Hoffman

CCT Focus: Psychology and Technology, UX Research and Research Methodologies
Academic Background: Kent State University, Political Science and Communication Studies

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Sacha Qasim

CCT Focus: Internet Privacy, Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence, & Ethics in Tech
Academic Background: University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Political Science

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Yanjun Liu

CCT Focus: Interpersonal Communication

Academic Background: Communication University at Zhejiang, Journalism

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Zihui Wang

CCT Focus: Cross-cultural study, film study, gender study, and research methods

Academic Background: Zhejiang University, Finance Public Affairs Management

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Rohan Somji

CCT Focus: User Experience Research & Design

Academic Background: University of Mumbai, Physics & Mathematics (B.S.), and Philosophy (M.A.)

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Mary Margaret Herring

CCT Focus: User Experience/User Interface Research and Design, Research Methods

Academic Background: Trinity University, Philosophy & Communication

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Zhengyan Cai

CCT Focus: Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies & Visual Culture

Academic Background: Southeast University, English

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Alie Fordyce

CCT Focus: Human-Computer Interaction, Emerging Technology & Societal Impact, Tech policy

Academic Background: Princeton University, Anthropology

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