Networking & Career Prep

At Communication, Culture, & Technology, coursework is only one part of a student’s schedule. To prepare for their future careers, CCTers actively seek out opportunities to connect with and learn from the Georgetown community and beyond. Even after graduation, alumni continue to find their CCT and Hoya community to be a powerful network.

CCT students prepare for their future careers by:

  • Networking with alumni at Meet CCT Alumni sessions, held several times a semester.
  • Connecting with Georgetown University alumni through Hoya Gateway, an online platform matching students to grads who volunteer advising time and expertise.
  • Signing up for career coaching and job expos organized by the Graduate Career Center.
  • Finding student jobs at research centers across campus through the Office of Student Employment.
  • Reviewing an extensive weekly list of jobs and internships curated by the CCT Program, many tips coming from CCT alumni. 
  • Submitting written analyses to Gnovis, CCT’s student-run peer-reviewed academic publication.
  • Working with faculty on grant-funded research projects. 
  • Presenting at academic conferences.
  • Creating prototypes for innovative projects at the Maker Hub.
  • Joining pitch competitions and events organized by Georgetown Entrepreneurship.
  • Developing organizational skills through student-run projects and GradGov.