CCT students and faculty produce dynamic work that serves to teach, innovate, provoke thought, and demonstrate the program’s unique perspective on technology in society.

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To reach a deeper understanding of their research subjects, students freely draw on theoretical, practical, and professional knowledge. Hands-on learning is a cornerstone of the CCT Program, be it digital or analog, inside or outside the classroom, independent or in groups.

CCT nurtures an ecosystem of experimentation and implementation, and students regularly make and test prototypes as a form of methodological inquiry. For this, they make use of the extensive range of equipment, facilities, and training available at Lauinger Library’s Gelardin New Media Center as well as CCT’s own Technology Design Studio, which houses technologies for making and hacking, media production and presentation, education and experimentation.

Examples of interdisciplinary analysis and collaborative effort.

Class Projects

Research studies authored in both text-based and non-traditional formats.

Thesis Projects

CCT’s student-run peer-reviewed journal and blog.


Skills-based workshops driven by students’ diverse expertise.

Car Barn Academy

An annual showcase of media-related student work.

Media Fest

Student-organized company visits and networking opportunities.

Tech Tour