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“Our faculty and students have continued to be at the forefront of researching and exploring the role technology plays as both a disruptor and an enabler in our lives, examining contexts like virtual worlds, artificial intelligence, hybrid workspaces, streaming media, digital identities, political socialization, and journalistic transparency.” – Jeanine Turner, CCT Director

Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT) is a Master of Arts degree and flagship interdisciplinary program at Georgetown’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Since 1996, we have been studying the impact of technology on society, using tools from multiple disciplines to develop fresh insight and solutions. 

CCT students are strong analytical thinkers and problem-solvers. They use their diverse academic backgrounds as starting points for the learning and development that they direct for themselves. 

During the program, they are challenged to explore and integrate areas previously unfamiliar to them. By the time they complete the program, CCTers are prepared for careers that need articulate, nimble, innovative thinkers and strategists – in other words, people with the skills to succeed when work environments face radical changes due to technology. 

Our alumni use these skills in a wide variety of fields: academia, journalism, data analysis, communications, politics, business, technology, consultancy, and more. Even long after graduation, they continue to enjoy the benefits of a CCT network, connecting with students, faculty and fellow alums to share ideas, tips and opportunities.

“I’m really appreciative of the ownership and encouragement CCT provides students to contribute to the program itself. The freedom you hold to contribute to the community at CCT is unlike other experiences. I cherish that time in my life as one where I felt more agency than ever before. In many ways, it lets you know that you have a light to offer. But once outside, you’ll face obstacles. The comfort is knowing that the light exists, continuously, despite it not being received elsewhere.” 

Molly Crain, CCT Alum (2016)


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The idea for CCT began in the early 1990s when a digital environment started to emerge that would rapidly revolutionize ways of communicating, working, and living. In response, Georgetown’s Graduate School created a Master’s program to prepare students to be leaders, scholars, and contributors in a new networked world.

As founding director, Prof. Martin Irvine, observed: “The interdisciplinary, problem-centric model that we began with in 1996 still guides us today. From the beginning, we recognized that the complex, interdependent social-technical world that we live in demands more than one discipline for defining knowledge and preparing students to be successful.”

Today the CCT community comprises faculty, staff, students, and alumni representing a great diversity of backgrounds, cultures, languages, passions, and dreams for the future. The questions we ask and the answers we seek cover an ever-widening and endlessly fascinating expanse of inquiry.


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