Class Projects

“If, as we are commonly told, digital computing has revolutionized our world, we need new ways of studying and understanding that world. CCT is a great place to tackle these challenges. Our students actively pursue new models of interdisciplinary knowledge, and, more importantly, they demonstrate these models in class projects and research.”

Dr. J.R. Osborn, core faculty

In the elective course, CCTP 850 Digital Presence and Strategic Persuasion, students use the language of new media to present their academic and professional identities. Each student develops a rich, outward-facing e-portfolio that will reflect their growth, learning, and expertise in ways designed to appeal to potential employers and to provide a summative experience of their time in CCT.

Digital Presence E-Portfolios

CCT strives to investigate technology as a dynamic part of social life. We study how technology, communication, and culture shape human interaction. But to get the complete picture, we must also investigate technology itself. This course is about how to do that.

CCTP 506 Student Projects