CCTP 850 E-Portfolios

This is a showcase of the E-portfolio's developed in CCTP 850: Digital Presence and Strategic Persuasion. In this seminar, based on theories of persuasion and narrative, students use the language of new media to present their academic and professional identit(ies). Each student develops a rich, outward-facing e-portfolio that will reflect their growth, learning, and, expertise in ways designed to appeal to potential employers and to provide a summative experience of their time in CCT.

Please click each of the student's name to be taken to the respective student's online portfolio, which highlights professional and academic work during their CCT tenure.


Megan Buchheit

I have always been fascinated by storytelling, and my love of storytelling has come to define my professional and academic interests. As I see it, every person, organization, and brand has a unique story to tell, and sharing these stories is one of the most powerful contributions we can make in the world. Most recently, my passion for storytelling has led to a Masters Degree in Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT) from Georgetown University. At CCT, I have focused on translating my love of storytelling into new contexts with a focus on digital marketing and media, while also studying organizational communication, quantitative research, and the ever-changing impact of technology on society. My academic experiences have been complemented by five years of experience in managing communications, running programs, and coordinating hundreds of volunteers that have helped me to hone my skills as a communicator, strategic thinker, and mission-driven leader.

Chelsea Burwell

What does it look like when a young Black woman learns the rules of mainstream media - all in hopes of breaking them? My purpose and place in this world sits at the intersection of an insatiable love for communication and the urgent need to incite change for the sake of accurate minority depictions and cultural understanding in media. 

This May, I will conclude my graduate career at Georgetown University, earning my Master of Arts degree in Communication, Culture and Technology. Upon graduation, I anticipate entering the journalism and digital media industry as a communications specialist, editorial writer and blogger in the Washington, D.C. or NYC metro area. 


Elaine Cai

Born and raised in Beijing, the political center of China, and having a family member working in the Chinese government, I developed my interest and sensitivity towards politics since my early childhood. With strong interest in social and political issues, I finished my undergraduate education in China’s best journalism and communication school—Renmin University of China, and began to do academic research since then. During my graduate study in Georgetown University, Communication, Culture and Technology program, I received strict and rigorous academic training, both in research methods and in knowledge. I’ve done several quantitative political communication research studies with professor Diana Owen here. Some of my papers have gotten published. So I believe the skills I've learnt in Georgetown qualify me for many career fields. Curiosity is one of my assets, and it encourages me to dig into a topic deeply and read tirelessly in the library for hours, while perseverance supports me to finish all my research projects. I believe I have important qualities to be a researcher or a journalist: working hard, and having perseverance.

Cecilia Daizovi

I am a proud graduate of Purdue University and current Graduate Student at Georgetown University who is an effective communicator, a detailed strategist, and a experienced analyst.  With media experience as well as experience in academia and in government, my work has allowed me to hone my written and oral communication skills, my data collection and analysis skills, and my organizational and prioritization skills in order to be an efficient leader and team member.
As a person who has always gone above and beyond baseline expectations, I have proven to be a team member who consistently delivers results and a leader who invokes positivity within my team. 

Scott Folks


Lois Goh

I'm Lois Goh and I feel strongly about content creation and communication strategies. As a graduate student from Georgetown University pursuing an M.A. in Communication, Culture and Technology, I am in the unique position to bridge the gap between theory and praxis. As such, I'm always eager to collaborate with companies to create culturally nuanced content and creative bespoke digital communication strategies. 


Fiona Hanly

I’m Fiona. I'm a creator, a sense-maker and a problem solver. My undergraduate and graduate background is in culture, politics, and digital communications at Georgetown. I have experience in strategic communications, message design, and relationship management. 

I find solutions and create narratives. My portfolio is diverse: I write research, media, strategic and creative content. I shoot photos. I design graphics. I translate the trite into the substantive and the obscure into the obtainable. I help people understand how to communicate what it is they want to say. I believe that everything boils down to one key message, and that’s what I seek out wherever I go. 

Nelise Jeffrey

My name is Nelise, and I am the founder -- A place to find not only fun and exciting makeup tutorials, but encouragement through self-empowering activities, and inspiring career building tools to motivate you on your creative journey.

It is truly my greatest heart’s desire to help others find encouragement and fulfillment through makeup artistry by developing a balance of practical tools and products, customized client experiences and professional artistry know-hows to hearten your spirit. I am a DC Metro area based blogger & freelance makeup artist. 

Dur Kattan

Born and raised in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, I am an entrepreneur, content developer andstrategist by heart and by training. My undergraduate degree was in Business Administration with a double major in Management Information Systems and Marketing. I have a Master’s degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. I am the Co-founder of   Jobshoot App, in which I combined my love for self-branding, technology and communication. Jobshoot is a global professional networking app developed with a built-in video feature that allows users to tell their professional story in 30 seconds and promote the talents/ skills that are not highlighted in their resume. By working towards pursuing my own dream I hope to inspire youth, especially women to pursue their dreams. Through my work I hope to better advance future roles of women in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.

Jieyu Lin

I am now a first year graduate student at Georgetown University majoring in Communication, Culture and Technology with a certificate in Asian Studies. I previously studied English and German as undergraduate major. I went to National Chengchi University in Taiwan as an exchange student, and published a book there. I was an intern at a newspaper and an advertising agency. I was a leader in an educational NGO and a volunteer teacher for two years. I am now seeking internship/fulltime opportunity in product development, educational development or the interaction of these two fields.

Sam Redd

Listen. Smell. Touch. Feel. I am interested in technology's potential to bring the richness of all our senses to what is predominantly visual. From museum installations, to filmography and video games, to interactive devices, I explore how to design more effectively with consideration of the multisensory nature of human experience. In my work with circuitry and sound, I have built electronic devices to assist the blind and autistic, programmed line-following robots, and worked with film-makers, video game developers, and museum installations to augment their work using sound and music.


Danielle Storbeck

My name is Danielle Storbeck, and two years ago I stepped off a plane at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. after completing my bachelor’s degree in human rights and media communications in Seattle. While working through my master’s degree in the Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown, I became exposed to human rights topics that focused primarily on the impact of new technological interfaces on vulnerable communities. This eventually led to an interest in human-centered design for autonomous technologies.

Much of my academic life has centered on human interpretation of new technologies, and how gender, diversity, culture, and emotion can impact designs therein. My professional life has constantly been one of visual storytelling and communication, and creative consultation for companies wishing to utilize it to their advantage. Moving forward, I am seeking out IT consulting positions with motivated companies that need a tech-obsessed woman who operates at high speed, isn’t afraid to test new waters, and who designs with the client in mind.

Leyi Wen

In today’s global world, cross-cultural communication is about listening, questioning and opening dialogue. Fascinated by the huge impact of a single idea and passionate about carrying out heart-stirring and thought-provoking campaigns, I would like to devote my skills in cross-cultural communication and event planning to the public relations, advertising and digital marketing. 





Layan Jawdat

A media analyst and communications specialist, I craft and organize messages in academic and professional settings to shape our understanding of important trends in current events, pop culture, and media. My research runs the gamut from traditional forms of media to newer, digital media.



Alvaro Espiritu Santo Raba

A communications and public relations specialist, I craft messages in a professional setting to help brands and individuals tell their stories.  I am interested in learning about corporate communication, creativity; branding and how people interact with each other in a professional environment.



Zhou Jia

I am a digital communication specialist who can create compelling textual and visual narrative. With experience in social media marketing, content marketing and public relations, I am looking to help organizations develop digital communications programs and build stakeholder relationships.



Langford Wiggins

Building Bridges is a portfolio by Langford Wiggins. This portfolio illustrates Langford's ability to establish and maintain relationships with multicultural audiences on behalf of any organization. Langford possesses the skills to communicate across any platform and utilize the media to promote any social movement. 



Effat Al-Saraj

I am a multimedia storyteller, an agent for change and a digital communicator, combining my passion for story-telling with a love of technology in order to deliver compelling messages in digital form. In other words I am a TechnoCommunicator. Born with an artistic flare, I have always been inspired by how science has been transforming the art of expression. In pursuit of my passion for art and technology alike, I launched a career in the field of digital publishing. My professional endeavors are driven by the strong desire to contribute and shape the digital future.
I direct technical and creative teams to deliver end results on digital strategies by incorporating my technical education, creativity, and critical thinking skills. I add value to organizations by generating innovative digital communications programs, building relationships, and achieving business objectives.


Emily Muth 

As a strategic communications professional, experienced in both traditional and digital communications, I construct a clear understanding of a client’s needs and goals through research and client input. I create digital campaigns and content that drive target audience engagement and inspire loyalty.



Emily Fuerst

As a communications specialist with a passion for animals, I aspire to use my communications skills to work for an organization that supports military working dogs, service dogs or therapy dogs. My website illustrates my interest in communications and animals and features several research projects.



Laura Patch

As a communications specialist, I focus on digital media in nonprofits and government. The digital space is perfect for issue advocacy and grassroots movements because it allows new audiences to hear messages. I enjoy engaging in the entire communications process from strategic planning and design, to implementation and analysis. I thrive on challenges and new learning opportunities, often taking the initiative to introduce new projects and platforms. In the fast changing media environment, there is always more to learn. My passion for social change guides me, and my expertise is grounded in merging marketing theories with political science and public policy ideas.


Fatima Bahja

As a keen observer of world affairs, I thrive at the intersection between the news media and international politics. I am an aspiring news media professional, driven by a passion to constantly seek the truth and uncover the big picture.

Check out my site to learn more about my work and interests.




Ching Ting

My name is Ching-Ting Chen. I am pursuing a career in Public Relations and Communications in the entertainment industry after graduation from Communication, Culture, and Technology Program at Georgetown University in May 2012.  I have focused my studies on corporate communication, marketing/advertising, and persuasive communication with digital technology. I have participated in several student associations to polish my organization and public speaking skills. My academic work and experiences have allowed me to develop solid skills in communication and managing media relations to be a qualified Public Relation/Communication professional in the rapidly changing business industry.


Wendy Ferguson

Wendy Ferguson is a Brand Design Strategist who engineers timeless consumer experiences. Her classical training in consumer packaged goods marketing combined with her leading-edge, multidisciplinary projects related to the future of marketing give her the keen ability to help clients and consumers excel at the intersection of applied innovation and the shared culture of sustainable brands. 


Andrea Gagliardi

In a constantly changing communication and digital world, it is very important for politicians and government officials to communicate with the American people in the most effective way possible. I currently work as a contractor with the Department of Homeland Security, where I use my communication, writing and organization skills on a daily basis. I am currently working on three projects for a Presidential Advisory Council.  My experiences through coursework at Stonehill College (BA) and Georgetown University (MA), as well as internships with the New York State Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and Targeted Victory, a political campaign digital strategy firm, have prepared me to be a political communicator. After my graduation from Georgetown, I worked in the Online Advertising Department at Targeted Victory, through the 2012 campaign cycle. I am currently looking for new  communication opportunities where I can put my writing and digital skills to use to make a positive difference. I have created this digital portfolio to highlight my skills as a political communicator ranging from academic research papers to political writing samples and multi-media projects.


Danielle Haigh

 My strengths lie in my ability to manage projects, events and communications across various disciplines. I love working within collaborative teams to solve challenges and I thrive in fast-paced, innovative environments. As you’ll see, I’m fascinated by all things digital media, technology and sustainability related. The goal of this portfolio is to showcase my professional experience and my deep understanding of technology’s impact across society.


Kristin Mcnally

I’m Kristin and I’m a message architect. Over the past several years, I have worked in various capacities to bring communication messages to life. From the initial research phase, to the visual design of a concept, to the composition of the message, to the final production of the project, I work from inception to execution with the hope of making an impression on people and inspiring action.   


Janeace Slifka

Organizations must carve a space for themselves in the digital ecosystem, and doing so requires experience. As a digital strategist with project management and writing skills that empower clients to have a voice in the digital conversation, I am experienced in helping organizations capitalize on the opportunity of the digital. 

I want clients not to fear the digital but to step confidently into it knowing that I will be there to advocate for them.


Natalie Thomas

My name is Natalie Thomas and I am a communications specialist who understands the value in incorporating integrated strategies to maximize message exposure. By combining traditional and digital PR techniques, I am determined to reach my target audience through various media outlets. 



Yu-wei Wang

A qualified candidate who intends to work in communication industry should have these three core values. My professional and academic experiences prepares me as a Communicator, Hybrid-thinker,Designer, and Writer, which resonates these three values.