Anthony F. Raisley

“The courses you select at CCT are tailored to your interests, allowing for flexibility to pursue a specific academic area or professional objective.”

Academic Background: B.A. United States History with minors in New Media, International Studies, & Entrepreneurship, and a certificate in Italian from Rowan University, New Jersey.

Area of focus in CCT: Increasing Civic Engagement, Elections, Government Relations, Technology Policy, New Media

What did you do before CCT? I graduated from Rowan University located in New Jersey in May 2021 with a degree in United States History. I minored in New Media, International Studies, & Entrepreneurship. While attending Rowan, I worked in the office Undergraduate Admissions, and for the University’s Social Media Team as a Digital Content Creator. I was also a student-athlete running Division III Cross Country and Track. I always remained committed on campus to work towards increasing civic engagement any way I can among voters on campus for New Jersey elections most recently in 2020. Elections and increasing voter participation are an area of focus I have already began to research at CCT. I started CCT in August 2021!

What activities do you participate in at CCT? So far while at CCT I have contributed an article for Gnovis in February 2022. I currently work at the Apple Store in Georgetown as well as interning on the Hill. I also have worked closely with my peers on different projects/assignments in different classes. I have attended different events on campus with guest speakers in the past semester, allowing for great insight!

Why did you choose CCT? The three academic areas I minored in (New Media, International Studies, & Entrepreneurship) during my undergrad gave me a foundation of one of the core principles of CCT, interdisciplinary academic research. CCT encompasses this as courses cover a variety of different research topics. Washington D.C. is a great city with excellent resources at your disposal for any academic or professional area of focus. The structure at CCT allows for flexibility that the courses you take are entirely up to you, and are based on what your interests are. CCT Alumni are in all different industries, and are a wonderful resource to utilize when searching for jobs or internships!

What surprised you about CCT? CCT faculty & staff are all very helpful, highly resourceful, and always make you feel welcomed. All are always available to meet, and have valuable experiences professionally as well as academically. The courses you select at CCT are tailored to your interests, allowing for flexibility to pursue a specific academic area or professional objective. CCT students come from a variety of academic backgrounds with diverse perspectives to share when collaborating together on projects or assignments!