Accelerated M.A. Program

Current students of Georgetown College and the School of Foreign Service (SFS) may be eligible to apply for the Accelerated M.A. Program. The Accelerated Program allows undergraduates to double-count 6 academic credits towards both their Bachelor’s and CCT degrees, with the possibility to count additional credits solely towards the CCT degree. Upon graduating with their Bachelor’s, they immediately proceed to fulfill the remaining requirements for the Master’s. As such, these students are able to earn their Master’s degree in a shorter amount of time.

Degree Requirements

Students in the Accelerated Program must complete the 120 credits (Georgetown College students) or 40 courses (SFS students) required for their Bachelor’s degree programs, as well as the 36 credits required for the CCT Master’s program, without a break in between.

Accelerated M.A. students take CCT coursework during the final semesters of their undergraduate program, with approval from their dean and CCT’s Director of Academic Affairs.

  • Required: Two courses (6 credits) to be double-counted to both their undergraduate and CCT degrees.
  • Optional: Additional courses that would count solely towards the CCT degree.

Courses double-counted towards both the undergraduate and CCT degrees

These two courses will be included in the earned hours and GPAs of both the undergraduate and graduate record, and will not be marked as having any special status in the undergraduate degree.

Additional courses solely for the CCT degree

Georgetown College students may take an additional two courses (6 credits). SFS students may take up to four more courses (12 credits).

Available Courses

Courses taken while in the undergraduate program must include CCT core courses, CCTP-5005 Introduction to CCT: Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods, and CCTP-5006 Fundamentals of Technology. Other courses may be CCT electives and research methods courses, or graduate-level courses offered by other programs, which CCT has approved in advance. See CCT’s Course Offerings.

Transitioning to the CCT Program

Upon graduation from the Bachelor’s program, the student immediately joins CCT and proceeds to fulfill the remaining M.A. requirements. Accelerated M.A. students would be invited to attend Orientation together with the incoming class of CCTers.

Who Should Apply

  • Current candidates for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Georgetown College.
  • Current candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service degree in the School of Foreign Service.

Applicants must have at least a 3.5 overall GPA and the approval of their undergraduate dean.

How to Apply

When to Apply

Submit the application during your junior year. Application deadlines are January 15 (if you are also applying for fellowships) and April 1.