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CCT is Georgetown’s flagship interdisciplinary Master of Arts Program. Since 1996, we have been studying the impact of technology on society, and society on technology.

  • You direct your educational focus. Build a curriculum that allows for intellectual exploration.
  • Only 2 mandatory courses. Electives may be from CCT and other schools on campus.
  • Courses allow you to learn both theory and application.
  • Techies and non-techies work together in a diverse, challenging, collaborative environment.
  • The CCT community includes an active alumni network that spans a wide range of careers.

The CCT Program was founded to enable new models for teaching, learning, and research, and open up many new career paths for students. When faculty were asked whether CCT would serve as an academic or applied program, their response was, simply, “Yes.”
CCT’s goals for students are that they learn to integrate knowledge and methods from different disciplines; that they bridge theory and practice; and, that they are able to “unpack,” investigate, and talk about emerging forms of communication, culture, and technology.

– Dr. David Lightfoot, CCT Director, interviewed in

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Being in an interdisciplinary program means that every class won’t align with the next nor does it necessarily build off each other. It’s up to you to sort of connect the dots and to figure out what your story is or the one you’re trying to create. That’s both beautiful and challenging and can make for an interesting experience if you make the most of it.

– Taylor Vinson, student, writing about her first semester in