Tips & Timelines

What typically makes a CCT student stand out is their curiosity and inquisitiveness. Some applicants might think it’s more important to stress their accomplishments and knowledge, rather than to expose what they don’t know and what they want to explore. But my experience at the World Bank, Intel, Stanford, NASA and Berkeley tells me that the person who asks questions and is open to new perspectives is the one who is going to shine. CCT has such a rich curriculum and faculty, it’s a great place for those who want to explore, rather than to ‘know and reinforce’.

– Dr. Denise Bedford, adjunct faculty

Application Tips:

  • Before you start your CCT application, determine if this unique Master’s program is right for you. Make use of the resources CCT offers to get the answers to your questions.
  • CCTers are a diverse group of individual thinkers. Use your application to tell us about the special combination of interests, skills, and passions you would bring to this community.
  • CCTers constantly grapple with complex ideas during spirited discussion with people very different from them. Check that in your application, reviewers will be able to see evidence of your aptitude for this kind of challenging environment.
  • Scholarships for graduate students are very competitive. Research all funding options available to you, not just CCT scholarships and fellowships. See Tuition & Scholarships for some links to start your research.
  • Additional tips are in How to Apply

CCT Application Timelines

Timeline for Priority Fall admission and CCT scholarships/fellowships.



Deadline: January 15

Submit Application

Application fee waived.

Middle of March:

Receive admission decision

Timeline for Regular Fall admission.



Deadline: April 1

Submit Application

Application fee: $90

Middle of May:

Receive admission decision

Timeline for Regular Spring admission.



Deadline: October 1

Submit Application

Application fee: $90


Receive admission decision