CCT produces creative, forward-thinking and technologically-minded graduates who go on to contribute innovative leadership in the professions of their choice.

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What do Communication, Culture & Technology graduates go on to do?

Because each CCTer builds an individual curriculum out of a wide array of electives, the careers that graduates pursue vary according to each person’s goals. Our alumni take their degree into diverse fields: consulting, non-profit management, public administration, media relations, information sciences, product design, education, journalism, among many others. Some graduates continue on to doctoral studies, law school, or business programs.

Despite their differences, all CCT grads offer these aptitudes that are high-demand qualities in a rapidly changing world:

  • applying creative thinking, critical empathy and analytical focus to solving problems
  • communicating easily with people who don’t share jargon or assumptions
  • providing sound perspectives on how technology impacts social behavior.

These skills give Communication, Culture & Technology graduates the ability to adapt and adjust to career opportunities in ways that suit them. Rather than training for one established industry, our students are preparing for leadership roles in new burgeoning fields.