CCT Talks

This fall, spend four Tuesday mornings in the CCT Lounge (Car Barn 311), where CCT faculty will chat with you about their research.

Light breakfast will be served.

Portrait of Professor Matthew TinkcomTuesday, October 17, 9:45AM 

Professor Matthew Tinkcom reflects on the emergence of queer theory as a field of scholarship and activism, and how the film Brokeback Mountain can be understood in these terms. Based on his recent book, Queer Theory and Brokeback Mountain (Bloomsbury, 2017).

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Portrait of Professor JR OsbornTuesday, October 31, 9:45AM 

Professor J.R. Osborn traces the history of Arabic writing, from classical calligraphy to digital Unicode, and how designers around the world are bringing about a renaissance to the Arabic script community. Based on his recent book, Letters of Light (Harvard, 2017).

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Portrait of Professor Mathali M. MohgaddamTuesday, November 14, 9:45AM 

Professor Fathali M. Moghaddam, Department of Psychology and CCT affiliate faculty, explores “mutual radicalization” — the psychology of how groups and nations drive each other to extremes. Based on forthcoming book (APA Press).

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Portrait of Professor Leticia BodeTuesday, November 28, 9:45AM 

Professor Leticia Bode considers the extent to which men and women engage in politics on social media. Based on her recent article, “Closing the gap: gender parity in political engagement on social media” (Information, Communication & Society, 2016).

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