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CCTP 50o5: Introduction to CCT:  Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods

This course introduces students to interdisciplinary and graduate studies in the Communication, Culture & Technology program. This class aims at helping students to develop an expertise so they can contribute to an intellectual community. At the same time the course will equip students with an academic and professional problem-solving framework. Students will explore interdisciplinarity in communications, cultural, media, and technology studies by taking the initial steps to identify the communities to which they want to matter, to determine what foundations/ assumptions/ viewpoints exist in said community, and to figure out how to contribute knowledge to the ongoing conversation. Central to these endeavors are keywords like truth, trust, facts, knowledge and power – all concepts that are hard to pin down these days and as such we will explore their scope and how they are interconnected. A core question of this course is then: how do you (or anyone else) know what you know and how can you trust this what you know? 

We approach this question by letting students first find an intellectual home and identity (a non-linear process, which may make students change their “home” frequently) by exploring what specific experts and communities know and talk about (breaking into a community, learn how to speak their language, building on what’s already been done). In the next step students will learn tools to probe and excavate knowledge by getting an overview of research methods in order to be able to answer the question: how do you know what you know?

Thus, the overall goal of this course is to help you figure out who you are in CCT and where you’ll go afterward. This process serves as the initial steps we each take in becoming valuable contributors, experts, and creators.

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Keyword: Storytelling

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Keyword: Environmental Participation

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Keyword: Meme

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