CCTP-811: International ICTs Business and Politics Research Seminar

CCTP-811:  International ICTs Business and Politics Research Seminar

Dr. Irene S. Wu


Fall 2017

Wednesdays, 2-4:30 pm

Car Bar 317

In this research seminar, students will each write an original research paper on their own international ICT (information communications and technology project) topic, as approved by the professor.

Possible research areas include politics and social change, communications policy and regulation, business models, economic issues, journalism, and media.  Other international topics also welcome. The goal is for students to complete an original research paper on an international communications topic by the end of the semester. We will discuss readings selected to show a variety of approaches to answering research questions on international ICT issues.  Students will have frequent, regular consultations with the professor on their research.

The class will meet in person every other week to discuss students’ progress on their research and selected readings.  Starting in the fourth class meeting (October 18), discussion will include a customized reading list.  The instructor will organize these custom readings based on the students’ research topics.

In between class meetings, students are required to schedule ½ hour videoconference meetings with the professor to discuss their work and the readings.