Gnovis Releases Its Fall 2017 Issue

Cover of gnovis journal's Fall 2017 IssueThe works featured in this Fall 2017 edition of gnovis represent two unique statements on the topic of technology and its relation to the human body. In “Resolving the Incommensurability of Eugenics & the Quantified Self,” Gabi Schaffzin, from the University of California San Diego, outlines the theoretical development of early eugenic projects in order to reveal their fundamental connection to the technology-aided practice of “self-tracking” and the contemporary quantified self movement. In “On Modes of Digital Embodiment: Movement & the Digital,” Brown University’s Théo Lepage-Richer explores the idea of the virtual through the medium of film, combining the theories of Walter Benjamin and Jean Baudrillard to describe the various forms of embodiment now possible through emerging digital technologies.

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