gnovis Spring 2018 Issue

Cover of gnovis journal's Spring 2018 IssueIn this edition of gnovis, you will read thought-provoking works, each of which uniquely unpacks the idea of Otherness at the intersection of communication, culture, and technology. In “’Is This S**t For Real?’ Adorno, Benjamin, and Anti-Comedy,” Dennis Golin, from New York University, introduces us to critical theorists Adorno and Benjamin to understand modern comedic trends in a shifting media landscape. Terry Adams, from Georgetown University’s English M.A. program, uses Bram Stoker’s gothic novel Dracula to understand a world outside of constructed binaries as a way to grapple with Anthropocene in “‘To Believe in Things That You Cannot’: Dracula and the Unthinkable.” In “Aliens as the Other in Post-Independence Hindi Cinema,” Georgetown University and CCT student Madhavi Reddi discusses how the independence and subsequent globalization of India affected the depiction of the Other in Hindi science fiction films. Lastly, New York University’s Anna Lindner, explores the history and origins of white identity and its impact on populations of color in “Defining Whiteness: Perspectives on Privilege.”

Gnovis (nō vĭs) is a peer-reviewed journal and academic blog run by graduate students in the Communication, Culture & Technology program at Georgetown University. We are an interdisciplinary platform for scholars to explore the relationships among technology, culture, media, politics, and the arts.

We publish journal issues bi-annually, at the end of each Fall and Spring semester. The blog offers a weekly forum for discussion and reflection on how academic theories relate to current events. In addition to publishing scholarly work by graduate students, gnovis acts as a resource for students with high ambitions, helping them prepare their work for publication and presentation at conferences.