Hélène Lerno, CCT 2020

Headshot of Helene Lerno, CCT Alum.

Undergraduate institution and major: Masters of Science program in Media, Strategic Communications and Marketing in Brussels, Belgium. 

Area of focus in CCT: Business Strategy and Sustainability

What did you do before CCT? I came to CCT straight out of my Master of Science program in Media, Strategic Communications, and Marketing in Brussels, Belgium. 

Why did you choose CCT? As an international student hailing from Belgium, it had always been my desire to live an international experience and get a degree abroad. I chose to apply to Georgetown University after finding out about the CCT Program because this interdisciplinary program allowed me to build on the foundations I had from my previous degrees, by adding a whole new skill set to the mix. I love the fact that CCT allows you to build your own curriculum and lets you focus on your own path.

What surprised you about CCT? I had heard about CCT’s reputation of being a very inclusive community where students inspire and help each other, but I was surprised to find out that this is actually really the case. CCT has a student lounge, where students can come together to talk, study, eat, and relax. The fact that we have a place like this really adds to the community feeling which you don’t get to experience in every program. 

What are you doing now? I recently moved back to Belgium and I am applying for jobs.