Katerina Girginova, CCT 2013

Portrait of Katerina GirginovaUndergraduate institution and major: George Washington University, Communication Studies

Area of focus in CCT: I focused on organizational communication, new media, and creativity studies courses.

What did you do before CCT? I worked at the National Geographic Channel.

What activities did you participate in during CCT? gnovis!

Why did you choose CCT? Because of the creative courses, the opportunity to work at gnovis, the DC location, and the fact that it’s a Master’s only program (something rare), which means that the students get a lot of great attention and resources.

What surprised you about CCT? Perhaps that the people there remained as genuinely welcoming and helpful from the prospective students open house all the way through to graduation… and even years later, today. 

What are you doing now? A PhD, to my surprise!