Merielle Agorilla

“It is great to be at CCT because of the diverse group of students in my cohort, from China, Jamaica, to California”

Academic Background: AB Psychology, MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology — both from the Ateneo de Manila University (The Philippines)

Area of focus in CCT: I am interested in the dynamics of workplace culture and technology, fandoms and material culture, lived experiences of belonging for international students and the elderly

What did you do before CCT? I was as an independent consultant for nearly 15 years working on client engagements in human resources management and organization development. My clients included home-grown Philippine companies, multinational organizations, non-profits, and government institutions. I enjoyed designing and facilitating learning programs, gathering data on employee stories and critical experiences, and translating these data points into compelling narratives for culture change.

What activities do you participate in at CCT? I am currently a Gnovis fellow and have worked on the podcast platform. I am also in Professor Macovski’s cross-cultural media studies course and had the opportunity to do research on fandom and consumer behavior. I also signed up to be a peer coach for the Georgetown Pivot program. I hope to do more as I progress in the program.

Why did you choose CCT? CCT is a deliberate pivot to expand my professional toolbox, particularly broadening my consulting work into a multidisciplinary practice. The program allows me to craft my own learning journey and explore different areas of study.

What surprised you about CCT? It is great to be at CCT because of the diverse group of students in my cohort, from China, Jamaica, to California. I am learning just by spending time with my fellow first-years. I also love interacting with the CCT professors. They are easy to speak with and take the time to answers our questions and look at our research interests.