CCT students showcase their final projects at the CCT 506 Fundamentals of Technology poster session

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As part of the CCT curriculm, all first-year students are required to take CCTP 506, Fundamentals of Technology. This spring semester, CCT students spent time in groups to dissect fourteen different technologies not only in the technical context, but also explored the sociopolitical context through their projects. The posters, designed by students, were only one aspect of this four dimensional term project that consisted of a video, final paper, website & online presence. As part of the final presentation, these student groups we also tasked with presenting their projects and materials at a poster session. Here are some images of the poster session.

Please find below a short summary of the fourteen different technologies and links to their sites to learn more.

1) RF_IDentity: This project aims to research the technology of radio-frequency identification in the contet of computational and social science. Specifically the project focuses on the use of RFID technology as a tool for social science research.

2) War Dogs project: Dogs have been bred for war since world war two specifically by the US military. This group aims to de black box the several technologies used in turning man’s best friend into a combat ready canine.

3) Discovery20: Discovery20 is a research project that aims to unveil the current point of care rapid hIV testing technology and to explore its impacts on the landscape of the relevant medical arena as well as the evolution of the social stigma surrounding HIV testing.

4) Surreal Pens: The aim of this research project is to break into the world of 3D pens and understand the technical mechanisms used to create such a device.

5) Ctrl +F: This group of graduating students are researching the MQ-1 predator drone and looking at it particularly from a social context especially the ethical issues presented by UAVs and the potential impact on the operator of the MQ-1 Predator.

6) Skywatch DC: Skywatchdc will function as a non-partisan informational resource for academic researchers, journalists, civil servants, students, and other members of the community interested in the new technology

7) InkandThink 3DP: This group of graduate students is dedicated to finding more information about 3D Printing in relation to Commerce, Science, Health/Medical, and National Security/Global Security issues

8) Fish-ish Aquaponics: Aquaponics – a hybrid of aquaculture and hydroponics – saves water, while essentially allowing its users to grow a garden above a self-cleaning fish tank. This project aims to further comprehend the science behind aquaponics.

9) Shifting Currents: Shifting Currents aims to educate the public about the incredible possibilities the electric car holds not only for the the development of the automobile industry, but also for consumers’ lives.

10) Set A Light: Set a Light is a research project,. that aims to de-black box satellite internet technology and VSAT devices, in order to better understand its social and political implications and potential use.

11) Precision Agriculture: The Project “Precision Agriculture” aims to explore the technologies behind precision agriculture: from the social and cultural impacts (context) to the engineering and physics (content) involved in the process.

12) Cochlears for Kids: This project aims to provide the public, particularly parents and their curious children, with information about the cochlear implant hearing device

13) Vertigrow: Vertigrow is an effort to explore the content and context of vertical farming. It looks at the history, design, use, and politics of vertical farming through an interdisciplinary lens

14) Smart Pill: This project aims to explore the potential of holistic networked medicine.