CCT Professor Adel Iskandar Publishes Article in PS: Political Science and Politics Journal

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Professor Iskandar’s article “Teaching the Arab Uprisings: Between Media Maelstrom and Pedantic Pedagogy” was recently published in a special issue of the journal PS: Political Science and Politics. In the article, Iskandar discusses the way in which the revolutionary movements of the Middle East have challenged and necessitated changes in the way the region is taught. The emergence of Arab media studies as a highly relevant and essential element of scholarship related to Middle East politics, is also tied to these protests and revolutionary movements that began in late 2010.

Iskandar explores the ways in which studies of political science and the Middle East have had to adjust “to the instantaneity of news and the pace of change in the region.” The article uses one of Iskandar’s CCT courses last semester, “New Media: Community, Innovation, & Dissidence” as an example of teaching revolution through active experiential interaction.

To learn more about the use of technology in teaching the Arab uprisings, check out the article here.