CCT Professor Adel Iskandar appears on on Al-Jazeera's

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CCT Professor Adel Iskandar appeared on Al-Jazeera’s “The Stream” live yesterday, February 7th, to discuss the continued protests in Egypt.

In this episode of “The Stream”, Prof. Iskandar talked about Egypt’s once-powerful youth movement, which helped oust President Hosni Mubarak. Two years ago the country’s youth rejoiced as they rang in a new era of democracy. But today unemployment is still high, and for those entering the job market, opportunities are few and far between. Has Egypt’s youth movement backfired?

To watch the episode, click here.

Additionally, Prof. Iskandar will be interviewed for a special program commemorating 100 birthday of Marshall McLuhan on Al-Jazeera’s Listening Post to air next week. Marshall Mcluhan is one of the most charismatic, controversial and original thinkers of our time whose remarkable perception propelled him onto the international stage. He is universally regarded as the father of communications and media studies and prophet of the information age.