CCT First-year Student, Molly Crain, Publishes Her First Piece as a BBC Future's Writer

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BBC campus is a pilot program supported by BBC Worldwide that offers writing opportunities for students in the sectors of Future, Capital, Culture, Travel, and Autos. I was selected for BBC Future based on my ability to synthesize the impact technology has on our current culture, and how we can be better problem solvers as a result of these innovations. Earlier in January I went to the BBC office in NYC for BBC campus’s pilot program orientation. A learning experience for all involved, the BBC is hoping to get a millennial perspective and train the next generation of writers. 

Getting this position has allowed me to see a window of opportunity in the field of journalism and encourages me keep at it, despite discouragement. I still think there is hope for the future of journalistic innovation. People are already more selective than they once were about how they retrieve their information and the methods by which they do so. Beneficial for a transformative business model, journalism still has a chance, and I may be part of the upswing. 

Here is the link to The biggest myth about phone privacy (new window)