CCT students and faculty participate in Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center Robotics and Intelligent Systems

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Can anything your robot says be used against you in a court of law? What values in design can be built into intelligent systems to protect our privacy – even as networked senors proliferate throughout our lived spaces? CCT students and faculty wrestled with these unanswered policy questions at Microsoft’s Innovation and Policy Center Robotics and Intelligent Systems event. The event brings together the four schools (Georgetown, Yale, University of Washington, and Stanford) involved in the Robotics Policy Consortium.

Professor Meg Ambrose and CCT students Sara Anderson and Eleri Syverson shared their research as a part of a day long forum on the unanswered questions and challenges the law faces with 21st century automated systems. An extension of the themes and topics explored in CCT’s Governing Algorithms and Robotics Policy courses, this first annual gathering marks the growing partnership of leading institutions on these issues as well as the increasing need for interdisciplinary discussion.
A recap of the event can be found here (new window).