CCT First-Year Deepa Rao Talks (Blogs) Science and Communication at AUG

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The week of December 3rd-7th, 2012, current CCT student Deepa Rao presented her undergraduate thesis research at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco, CA. AGU is the largest annual scientific conference in the world. This year 23,000 attendees across all disciplines of Geoscience (including Science Education and Communication) assembled to promote the field.

Continuing to build and showcase her undergraduate work at MIT, Deepa presented a poster of her design that detailed her work with advisor Laura Meredith of the Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science Department at MIT. While at the conference, Deepa attended several science communication workshops as well as film screening and presentations by notable speakers such as James Cameron. You can read more about her AGU experience in her blog post on her website Sweet Symbiosis. Deepa thanks CCT, AGU, and MIT for making this trip possible.

To learn more about Deepa and her project, visit her profile on the MIT EAPS news page.