CCT alumnus Gerardo Giannoni ('00) publishes book

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Baquiano Books announces the debut of its ground-breaking e-book series The Secrets of Success. The series focuses on meaningful ideas from star CEOs presented in a new digital format for busy readers who want to get the CEOs’ frame of mind in a compact format—10,000 words or less. Adaptable to the new ways people read (Web, smart phones, and tablets), the series uses the wealth of free sources available without succumbing to information overload. With The Secrets of Success, readers do not have to spend hours searching and filtering content or reading a 300-page book about their favorite personality to be inspired with new ideas. The curators at Baquiano Books do this work for them—culling core kernels and meaningful statements through the series’ tailored content.

With its first title about the stellar CEO of Amazon (, Baquiano Books offers quotes and facts to understand the inner thoughts of the e-commerce pioneer. From Bezos’ initial ‘regret minimization’ framework that helped him decide to launch Amazon to his views on innovation and customer service this title offer his most relevant ideas complemented with annotated bibliography and almost 50 different sources. A must read to everybody interested in publishing and Internet retail in general.

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