CCT first-year student, Handan Uslu, wins DCTV's college student video contest

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It’s only her first semester of her first year at CCT, but Handan Uslu is already making a name for herself. Despite being relatively new to filmmaking and shooting her video in one day, Handan’s nature scene-themed video won DCTV’s college student video contest.

“The contest was to illuminate D.C. and show how D.C. shines,” she said. “As I was wandering around D.C., I realized there were no big buildings, and I used to see the reflections of the water.”

Handan’s film received 802 likes on DCTV’s Facebook page and has more than 1,562 views on YouTube In addition to having her video aired on DCTV, Handan won a prize of $500 and was recognized at the public access station’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Congratulate Handan if you see her around campus and read more about her video and the contest on