Joseph Potischman, CCT 2nd-year

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Headshot of CCT Student Joseph PotischmanName of internship organization: The Religious Action Center (RAC)

Length of internship: One semester

Number of credits: 3

What was the mission of the organization and what was your role?
The RAC is the leading voice on social justice and policy for Reform Jews in North America. I assisted the Digital Communications Division of the organization in website development, social media content creation, and editing blog posts.

How did your CCT studies inform your experience of this internship?
Since starting CCT I have picked up different media production skills that I thought would always be outside of my grasp. This gave me an ability to help in researching different content creation solutions for the RAC. 

How do you think the internship will inform your CCT student experience? 
I have focused heavily on Political Media during my time at CCT, specifically media messaging. Working at the RAC gave me a chance to see first hand how political organizations leverage connections with the media to shape their message to the public.

How did you find out about this internship? 
I grew up hearing stories about the RAC. Working part time for the Campus Ministry re-invigorated my desire to get involved with them. 

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