CCT Professor J.R. Osborn's Film Premieres in Dubai

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CCT Professor J.R. Osborn and Katy Chang’s film, Glitter Dust: Finding Art in Dubai, premiered this week at the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai this week. The film was selected as a finalist in the Official Gulf Feature Competition.

The documentary feature follows the city’s cultural capital. Three artists come to terms with truth and artificiality. Delightful hand-drawn animations interplay with live footage; art and life are truly intertwined. In turns funny and poignant, this documentary explores the artists behind the flash of Dubai. The idea of a “drawcumentary” came from the doodles in director Katy Chang’s journal and a feeling that no realistic camera image could accurately capture the surrealism of the city. The free form, playful animations comment on the objective viewpoint of the film and visually disrupt the footage in order to emphasize the dislocation of the city’s migrant population.

Local news coverage of the event can be viewed here.