CCT Professor Leticia Bode Publishes Articles

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CCT Associate Professor, Leticia Bode recently published two timely and enlightening articles discussing our engagement with the Internet and politics. “Facebooking it to the Polls: A Study in Social Networking, Social Capital, and Political Behavior” looks at behaviors tied to the use of Facebook, and how specific behaviors may be linked to political participation in the 2008 presidential primary. Bode considers both online and offline participatory political behaviors. The article was published in the Journal of Information Technology & Politics.

Professor Bode’s other article, “Digital Democracy: The Influence of New Media Production and Consumption in Politics,”  was published in the International Encyclopedia of Media Studies.  This article considers more broadly the impact of the use of the Internet on political behavior, specifically addressing online spaces and how they are used for social engagement, the exchange of information, and how these spaces might have implications for democracy.