CCT Second-Year Lu Hao takes a field trip to the ANSI Standards Setting Workshop in New York

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2nd-year CCT student, Lu Hao, recently attended the student and new professional workshop – Setting Standards: A Simulation Exercise in Strategy and Cooperation in Standardization Processes in New York City. The workshop is sponsored by the Education & Training Department of ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Students and new professionals who are engaged in standards studies and practices, participated in this simulation exercise. This year, the simulated scenario was about setting standards for a hypothetical cutting-edge technology. Participants were grouped and assigned different roles to bargain at the table, emulating a standard setting situation in real life.

Lu Hao is taking a standards class taught by CCT Professor Linda GarciaGlobal Standards: What’s At Stake, where her enthusiasm in standards and standard-setting emerged. As a field trip for the class, Lu actively engaged in the simulation event, applying the strategies and skills learned from the course to standards bargaining process. In addition, Ms. Hao is currently working on her thesis project about standards setting in the context of globalized supply chains. She found this field trip a great opportunity and experience for her to better understand the dynamics and challenges in real-life standard setting practices. She is excited about sharing her gains from the trip and also grateful to CCT and Professor Garcia for making this field trip possible.

Georgetown University is one of the few US universities that offer a class on standards and standard-setting. To learn more about the standards class, visit the course description page.