CCT student Roma Abhyankar wins at the 3 Minute Thesis Competition

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Portrait of RomaThe 3 Minute Thesis Competition, sponsored by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Georgetown Library and Writing Center, celebrates the research conducted by graduate students. There were 15 participants from various programs and their task was to explain their research in a concise manner to a non-specialized audience. Only one static slide was permitted.

Within this tight time frame, CCT student Roma Abhyankar led her audience through her Master’s thesis research titled, “The Medium is a Misnomer: The Missing Discussion in Online Discussion Forums”, which examines how students miss spontaneous peer interaction in the virtual classroom. In a presentation that clocked in at just under 3 minutes, Roma outlined her research design, which consisted of interviews with graduate students, and described her analysis of the interview excerpts through the lens of Marshall McLuhan’s 4 Laws of Media – Enhance, Obsolescence, Retrieve and Reverse.

Despite stiff competition from Master’s and doctoral students across campus, Roma won the People’s Choice Award. She was also the only Master’s student among this year’s winners. Congratulations, Roma!

Watch herĀ winning presentation here.