Robin Calleja

“The breadth of courses [at CCT] have allowed me to explore different facets of my academic interests.

Academic Background: BA in Media Studies with a minor in Public Policy

Area of focus in CCT: LGBTQ+ representation, online communities, virtual identity, and popular culture

What did you do before CCT? I worked as an afterschool program teacher for the YMCA of the East Bay for a year, then as a kindergarten teacher for the summer before my first semester in CCT.

What activities do you participate in at CCT? I’m a teaching assistant for CCTP-505, one of our core courses. I’m also a part of CCT’s Global Media Group and have written an article for Gnovis‘ Spring 2022 edition.

Why did you choose CCT? The interdisciplinarity and choose-your-own-adventure aspect of the program! The breadth of courses have allowed me to explore different facets of my academic interests, from looking at a Rugrats episode from a critical theory lens to examining the ways fan communities and participatory culture extend the narratives and ideologies communicated from traditional media (e.g., film and television) to new media (e.g., social media and online fora). Having the opportunity to meaningfully explore different topics helped me solidify my main interest in online communities and virtual identity.

What surprised you about CCT? The program’s sense of community and the way it embodies “cura personalis.” From my experience, CCTers are generally very approachable and the professors genuinely care about their students’ academic and professional growth.