Student Profiles

CCTers connect with each other through the CCT Current Students site, a community space to share contact information and interests.

Wondering what it's like to study at CCT? The following students have volunteered to be a resource for prospective students, so if you would like to connect with them, please email Ai-Hui Tan or Sarah Twose.

Current Student Profiles

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Portrait of Margaret Morton

Margaret Morton

  • CCT Focus: Sustainability, Social Innovation & Resource Security
  • Academic Background: Political Science
Portrait of Wenxi Zhang

Shavini Fernando

  • CCT Focus:  Visual Computing for Communication.
  • Academic Background: Computer Science (Database Administration) and MBA (International Business)
Portrait of Mihika Supra

Mihika Sapru

  • CCT Focus: Tech Policy, Empathy & Tech, and Political Socialization.
  • Academic Background: Political Science
Portrait of Remel Hoskins

Remel Hoskins

  • CCT Focus: Graphic Design Theory and Media Representation Studies with an emphasis in Portrayals of African American Women
  • Academic Background: Communication
Portrait of Sarah Shanoudy

Sarah Shanoudy

  • CCT Focus:  Immigration Studies, Globalization and Culture, Media and Politics
  • Academic Background: Global Affairs with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies
Portrait of Zach Omer

Zach Omer

  • CCT Focus:  Media Ecology, Education, Digital Communications, Media Production
  • Academic Background:  Bachelor's of Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications
Portrait of Wenxi Zhang

Wenxi Zhang

  • CCT Focus:  Gender and Sexuality, Artificial Intelligence in Popular Culture/Media, Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Issues.
  • Academic Background: Telecommunication, Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering
Portrait of Sarah Shanoudy

Fanglin Wang

  • CCT Focus:  Japanese cultural and cinema studies
  • Academic Background: Economics & Mathematics