• CCT is Hitting the Recruiting Trail! Come, Meet, and Learn More!

    CCT will be recruiting at Idealist fairs across the country, and we'd love to see you there!

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  • CCT 2nd-year Launches Refuge Film Forum in Syria

    CCT’s Handan Uslu just launched The Refugee Film Forum, a project that enabled 200 Syrian kids who to watch a movie for the first time ever.

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  • Mark MacCarthy testifies before Congress on Student Privacy

    CCT Adjunct Faculty member Mark MacCarthy testified in front of a joint hearing of the House Committees on Education and Cybersecurity on student privacy.

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  • CCT students study in Geneva, Switzerland

    CCT Students in Geneva, Switzerland to study "Trade and the Global Information Economy", June 29-July 12".

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  • GU-Q Hosts CCT Technology and Media Program in Qatar

    From May 18 to June 5 Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) is hosting a graduate-level program called New Communication Technologies in the Arab World: Perspectives from the Gulf.

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  • CCT student Bentley Brown on why an interdisciplinary degree is a launchpad for future films

    In the filmmaking world, it’s now normal not to go to film school. Film school has its perks. It's great for networking. It provides a space to consistently shoot films. It provides access to near-extinct traditional celluloid film.

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  • CCT 850's E-Portfolios

    This is a showcase of the E-portfolio's compiled over the course of Prof. Jeanine Turner's "Digital Presence and Strategic Persuasion" classes.

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The Communication, Culture & Technology Master of Arts Program (CCT) explores the relationship between changing technology and changing cultures, including research, government, media, business, and communication.

By cutting across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, students develop creative solutions to complex problems posed by new technologies; students provide new leadership by thinking differently about today's ambiguities and complexities.


Georgetown CCT students explore Instagram's new Hyperlapse tool and have some creative fun down on the National Mall here in Washington, DC. CCT students are always some of the first early adopters of new technologies.